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International Exchange

     Beagle Childcare Education Corporation actively expands overseas cooperation opportunities, attracting the attention of outstanding nursery institutions around the world, such as Japan, China, and Singapore. Through exchanges and cooperation, Beagle's successful experiences exported overseas in a systematic mode.  Conducted face-to-face communication and for long-term providing guidances to the local teams.

    The leading technology of Beagle has been affirmed by local experts, scholars and nursery industry partners. The content of cooperation is properly adjusted according to local conditions and cultural differences, therefore more and more overseas families can enjoy high-quality nursery services.

    Beagle welcomes more aspiring daycare partners at home and abroad to cooperate with us. Work together to improve the quality of the daycare industry, serve the society, and set an excellent model internationally.

2023 Be Melody's team travelled to Taiwan to visit the Beagle Childcare Center


Melody Kindyland, an official Cambridge English-certified school and a large-scale preschool system in Penang, Malaysia, visited Gerber Infant Care Center in Taiwan. After observing the activities, Gerber's chairman, vice president, and demonstration centre director held a discussion to introduce Gerber's unique features and development strategies, with a focus on the Gerber Development Curriculum teaching philosophy. This exchange facilitated the sharing and discussion of management strategies and international perspectives for educating children aged 0-2 among the education teams from both countries.

2023 Be Visited the Affiliated Preschool of Long-An Elementary School and the Affiliated Preschool of National Taipei University of Education


The Beagle Childcare Education Corporation, together with its Malaysian partner Melody Kindyland, visited the Affiliated Preschool of Long-An Elementary School and the Affiliated Preschool of National Taipei University of Education Experimental Elementary School to observe and compare the similarities and differences in the environment and teaching content of international kindergartens. Both sides shared their insights in a comprehensive discussion.

The Affiliated Preschool of Long-An Elementary School emphasizes the development of creativity and provides opportunities for children to develop freely. The internship system of the Affiliated Preschool of National Taipei University of Education Experimental Elementary School is its strength, providing a high-quality field for training graduates. Both schools share similar teaching and training philosophies with Gerber, and the exchange process resulted in very positive feedback.

2022 Be Malaysia The Little Rabbit Childcare Centre

LINE_ALBUM_MY Little Rabbit Childcare_220606.jpg
LINE_ALBUM_MY Little Rabbit Childcare_220606_0.jpg

Hsu Feng Hung, founder of Beagle Daycare Center, and Tung Ning, SEVP of Beagle Daycare Center, went to Malaysia to have joint discussion on current cross-strait regulations and systems of childcare industries with Ms Janes Lee, the director of The Little Rabbit Childcare Centre, sharing teaching experiences and business philosophies. We built a bridge between Taiwan and Malaysia for International nursery education enterprises.

2022 Be Malaysia Kidoasis Children Education Centre

LINE_ALBUM_MY Kidoasis_220606.jpg

Hsu Feng Hung, founder of Beagle Daycare Center, has conducted international technical exchanges in Malaysia with Ms. Suh Yeen Ten and Mr. Yeng Yee Lim, the director of Kidoasis Children Education Centre. Kidoasis is a large-scale education centre with one-stop service to provide high-quality education for children aged 2-12. The educational concept of Kidoasis emphasises that children can learn from playing. Inspire children’s interest in learning, explore children’s potentialities, and enable them to cope with challenges in the future. The spirit of Kidoasis coincides with the "Bayes' Development Course" of Taiwan's Beagle Childcare Center. We look forward to further cooperation with Kidoasis to design more wonderful and rich educational activities for children under the age of 3.

2022 Be Malaysia Segi University


Hsu Feng Hung, founder of Beagle Daycare Center, went to Malaysia to visit the Department of Education of Segi University to learn about the operation mode of local preschool related education programs and jointly discuss the cooperation scheme for exchanging students' internships in overseas nursery institutions. At the same time, DCMP specialized 0-3 year old infant care teaching materials are provided for the university's reference, which will serve as the basis for the development of the future curriculum of SEGi University. 

St. James' Church Kindergarten
(Harding Campus), Singapore


    Hsu-Feng Hung, founder of Beagle Childcare Center, and Sun Ying, director of St. James' church kindergarten, conducted academic exchanges in Singapore, sharing each other's educational ideas and activity-based curriculum design, analyzing the differences of childcare industries between different countries, connecting the resource network at home and abroad, continuing to expand the territory of education and establishing a new height of international brand.

    In the founding spirit of St. James' Church Kindergarten in Singapore, emphasizes the integrated approach. It integrates the educational advantages of various countries and regions, and develops a unique international education system. In the system of the early education curriculum, SPICES includes six major projects: "Cultural development", "Physical development", "Intellectual development", "Spiritual and artistic development ", "Emotional expression" and "Social interaction". The "Bayes' Development Course" of Taiwan Beagle Childcare center was developed by integrating the five aspects of "adaptive development" and has similar elements and spirit. Among them, the themes of teaching activities adopted by pre-nursery (under the age of 3) classes focus more on "art image", "construction ability", "body language", "perceptual mathematics" and "world cognition", which are suitable for the development of infants and young children. It is a practice architecture of a high-end international level education system.

    In this exchange, the concept of "Bayes' Development Course" was discussed with Director Sun of St. James' Church Kindergarten, and received a very positive response. It is hoped that both parties can continue to share the progress in the design of infant and toddler education activities under 3 years old in the future.

Naga Nursery School, Hiroshima prefecture

20190109 日本參訪_190116_0036.jpg
20190109 日本參訪_190116_0006.jpg

    The excellent childcare achievements of the Beagle Childcare center are well-known overseas. The founder of Beagle Childcare center Hung Hsu Feng went to Japan to visit the "Social Welfare Corporation Naga Welfare Association, Naga Nursery School", which has 40 years of history and 320 people. The nursery school was commended by the emperor of Japan and the city government. It’s a high-quality and large-scale nursery school with a history in Japan. 

    Ms. Toshiko Akaya and Mr. Yoshifumi Akaya, directors of the kindergarten with high degrees of management abilities, hereby conducted technical exchanges because they identified with Beagle Childcare Center. They have set an excellent example for the Taiwan-Japan childcare industry in the international community.

    The Beagle Childcare center has also moved towards higher-standard and high-quality childcare services through the experience-sharing with the Naga Nursery School.

Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan

20190109 日本參訪_190116_0026.jpg
20190109 日本參訪_190116_0028.jpg

    In recognition of the excellent system of Beagle Childcare center, Dr. Toshihide Harada, vice president of Prefectural University of Hiroshima, and Hung, Hsu-Feng, founder of Beagle Childcare center, established an international dialogue channel to jointly discuss current international regulations and systems of childcare industries, so as to create a high-specification and high-standard infant and toddler care environment. At the same time, thanks to the director, Dr. Takumi Ichimura and Dr. Hisahiko Kamizuru for giving guidance, also thanks to Professor Lin Zhengwen of Taiwan Yadong Institute of technology for his assistance in the exchange.

2019/10 Be invited to attend “China Nursery Skills Enhancement Public Welfare Action Launch Ceremony and 2019 International Infant and Toddler Early Education Forum”

Iwakuni Minami Kindergarten in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

20190109 日本參訪_190116_0017.jpg
20190109 日本參訪_190116_0016.jpg

    Hsu Feng Hung, the founder of Beagle Daycare center, went to Japan to have a practical exchange and discussion on infant care with Ms. Okada Michiko, the director of the "Iwakuni Minami Kindergarten". In recent years, Japanese kindergartens have gradually adjusted downwards to accept infants and toddlers under the age of two. The Beagle Daycare center's rich experiences in the nursery industry will become an important model for them and jointly  break new ground in the field of infant care services of Japanese kindergartens . 

    Special thanks to Mr. Nobuhiro Nakaji, President of the Japan-China Friendship Association of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, for assisting this international visit and exchange activities.

     Beagle has been highly praised and recognized by the industries at home and abroad. Mr. Hung Hsu Feng, chairman of Beagle Childcare Education Corporation, was invited to the "China Nursery Skills Enhancement Public Welfare Action Launch Ceremony and 2019 International Infant and Toddler Early Education Forum". He gave a speech on "The Development Theory of Childcare Institutions and Guidelines for the Advancement of Childcare Early Education", discussing the industrial development with more than 180 guests, principals, investors and news media from the infant and child care industries in mainland China, Japan and Malaysia.


Hsu Feng Hung, Chairman of Beagle Childcare Education Corporation, was awarded

Appointment letter of consultant expert of Chinese Association for Life Care, Professional Committee of Maternal and Child Health & Education of Chinese Association for Life Care 

From left to right

Mei Er Xiao , President of Malaysia EduQ International Parent-Child Natural Comfort Association

Chinatsuko Otsuka, director of Japan Adult Education Association

Professor Wang Shu Quan, researcher of the Central Academy of Educational Sciences and chief editor of the National Vocational Qualification Training Course of Baby Care Educator

Jian Hua Li, Honorary Chairman of China Life Care Association

Qi Min Li, former executive deputy director of the Women and Children Working Committee of the State Council

Hsu Feng Hung, President of Chinese Infant Safety Protection Development Association

Mei Jian, Director of the Psychological Standards and Research Service Committee of the Chinese Psychological Association


Tung Ning, SEVP of Beagle Daycare center, awarded the appointment letter as a training expert of the Professional Committee of Maternal and Child Health & Education of Chinese Association for Life Care

Zhao Qian, general manager of Lvyou Road Branch of Beagle International Daycare center 

Pin Yu Chen, Curator of Ankang Branch and Xindian Branch of Beagle Daycare center

Hong Hua Li, management certification trainer of DCMP International Daycare center Management Professional

Awarded the letter of appointment as a training expert of the Professional Committee of Maternal and Child Health & Education of Chinese Association for Life Care

Esther International Childcare Center, Shenzhen


    2018 is a memorable year. The Beagle Childcare center has in-depth exchanges with the Esther International Nursery Center in Shenzhen of China, to provide local high-quality nursery service technology and share constructive experiences . Local experts and community families positively affirmed the successful experience of the Beagle team, and very much agreed with the high-quality nursing skills and philosophy of the Taiwan team. In the process of overseas exchanges, the Beagle team has not only gained rich overseas experiences, but also proved that Beagle's high-quality nursery service can be based internationally. It is  believed that with the arrival of more and more overseas exchange opportunities in the future, the Beagle team will go to a higher level and enjoy an international reputation.


Beagle's experience has won high admiration and is widely trusted by local parents

Beagle's SEVP Tung Ning shared experience with local experts and parents


Beagle's guidance team visited Shenzhen for technical guidance

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