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     Beagle Childcare Education Corporation is an international leading brand of childcare franchises originating from Taiwan. The founder, Professor Hung Hsu Feng has a PhD in business management and many years of educational experience. He has introduced the business management strategies into daycare institutions to create Beagle's unique business model.

     Adhering to the concept of "Nurturing Hope and Achieving Dreams", Beagle features high-level decoration and medical and nursing technology equipment. Set up a sound operating system, develop special teaching programs for infants and children. Our complete and sustainable operation system is highly recognized by the public. Parents seek Beagle as the child's "co-caregiver" and we were honored with the Special Contribution Award as well.

     Cooperated with "International Daycare Center Management Professional", Beagle has made an in-depth study of the complete operation system of childcare industry to foster the growth of worldwide daycare units. The leading technology of Beagle has been affirmed by international experts, scholars and daycare industry partners. In the future, we will continue to be the leading brand of the global childcare industry as our lifelong ambition!

Beagle's Business Philosophy


Quality Care  /


     A native family is the child's first home, giving a child life. Beagle is the second home of the child, bringing the child professional and safe care, giving education. Through close parent-teacher communication, the two "homes" can protect the child together.  Record track and accompany the growth of children, taking care of their life as safe as they're at home; taking care of the their daily life, like the selflessness of home. Treat children as their own, let them grow up in an environment of love and safety and have a life full of confidence and courage to explore.

Focus on Infant Education /

     Beagle believes that every child has unlimited potential. Their sensory connections will open up in spontaneous activities and direct experiences through exploration and learning. Then inspire knowledge, exert talent and benefit societies. Therefore, the Beagle Childcare Education Corporation has developed the "Beagle's Development.

Take Social Responsibility /


     Beagle Childcare Education Corporation is committed to creating a high-quality childcare environment for parents of newborns. Children grow up happily, then benefit the societies. Beagle's continuous growth has been recognized and affirmed by excellent nursery institutions at home and abroad. Beagle's Ankang Center has won the Special Contribution Award. We're literally one of the leading brands of excellent childcare center.

Activity Space

Professional Equipment 

Received Positive Press Coverage from Major Media

December 2023 - News from Various News Platforms

At the 2023 Hebei Provincial Home Economics Vocational Education Group Annual Meeting and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Women’s Housekeeping Services Beautiful Development Seminar, after careful application by the company and selection by the group, Beiger International Childcare became the mobilization enterprise mentor for the teacher pool of the Hebei Provincial Home Economics Vocational Education Group.

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December 2023 - News from Various News Platforms

"Beiger International Childcare Center Tianbaoguan" was selected by the Binhai New Area Health Commission as a district-level demonstration institution for infant care services in 2023. It is the first registered childcare institution in the new area.

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September 2023 - News from Various News Platforms

Dr. Hung Hsu Feng, the founder of the Beagle brand, along with Mr. Li Man Wei, General Manager of Beagle International Childcare Center in Shijiazhuang, Director Sun Ke Ling, and numerous experts and educators, jointly organized an online and offline seminar on infant and toddler childcare service and management. The aim was to collaborate in nurturing the future! Beagle contributes to the development of childcare professions at Hebei Women's Vocational and Technical College."

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Augus 2023 - News from Various News Platforms

The Hebei Province Childcare Forum, organized by the Hebei Provincial Association of Domestic Sciences and hosted by Hebei Normal University's College of Domestic Sciences, provided a platform for attendees to share their experiences and insights. The forum offered a deeper understanding of the childcare industry. Additionally, the international childcare brand, Bergler, garnered significant attention, contributing to the successful conclusion of the 2023 Hebei Province Childcare Forum.


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July 2023 - News coverage on various media platforms

Beagle Childcare Center advocates the spirit of refined childcare and provides the "Beagle's Development Program" for infants and toddlers aged 0-3, guiding comprehensive and adaptive development, and creating a strong support system for parents by closely connecting childcare institutions with families.

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臺灣郵報2023-07-31 上午11.12.27.png

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July 2023 - Interview by Azio TV's "Beauty in Taiwan" program team.

Azio TV Channel 37's "Beauty in Taiwan" program featured an interview with Beagle, showcasing their internationalized and refined childcare approach, ensuring the healthy and happy growth of infants and toddlers.

July 2023 - Report on the Economic Daily News platform.

The open surveillance system allows parents to monitor the childcare situation of their children anytime through a mobile app. The brand's carefully planned open surveillance policy aligns with its childcare philosophy of "caring for every child as our own," setting a benchmark for refined childcare.

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貝格爾托嬰中心全時開放監視器 創造安心托育環境.jpg

The Berger Nursery Center opens surveillance cameras at all times to create a safe childcare environment

2023/02 Press coverage on various news platforms

Following the accolade of being named the 2022 Childcare Leader of the Year, Bergère's founder, Mr. Hung Hsu-Fung, is featured in the media as he shares his philosophy of excellence in childcare services and the Group's approach to achieving professional quality.


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2022/12 Awarded Childcare Industry Leader of the Year 2022

The founder of Beagle International Childcare Centre, Mr. Hung Hsu-Feng, was awarded as one of the leading figures in the childcare industry in 2022 by Tencent Wisdom Parenting(TWP) and was invited to the Tencent Wisdom Parenting Annual Gala to share his vision and expectations for the future of the childcare industry.



Awarded the 2022 Childcare Industry Leader Medal

2022/11 Reported by various news platforms

  Awarded the honor of Jinan City Childcare Care Service Demonstration Site in 2022.  All media reported on the key factors for Beagle to win high market support and the annual development direction of the Group.


An Interview with sub-forum of TWP Talent Wisdom Parenting

    Hung Hsu Feng, founder of International Beagle Daycare Centre and Tung Ning, SEVP of International Beagle Daycare Centre has invited to the Tencent Smart Parenting sub-forum to provide insights on childcare sessions.


 Interview with the "Life" column group of Shandong TV Station

    Lvyou Road Branch of Beagle International Daycare Center was selected as the "Jinan City 2022 Childcare Institution Demonstration Site" by Jinan Municipal Health Commission.

In 2022, has won [1111 Happy Enterprise Voting Silver Award]


Invited by [ Job Bank Exclusive Interview ]


    In 2020, Beagle was continuously recognized as a happy enterprise and was invited to live broadcast, sharing the career path of cultivating outstanding talents.


    In 2019, Beagle Childcare Education Corporation was recognized as a happy enterprise of 1111Job Bank, and was invited to introduce Beagle in an exclusive interview

2018/11 Special Contribution Award

    Beagle supported the nursery policies of caring for disadvantaged families, accepting disadvantaged infants and young children. Become a model of childcare centers. In November 2018, Beagle was invited to the press conference of "New Taipei Childcare Information Network" and received the Special Contribution Award from Zhu Lilun, the Mayor of New Taipei City.


Special Contribution Award

    Group photo of SEVP of Beagle and Commissioner of Social Welfare Department, New Taipei City Govemment


Special Contribution Award

    Zhu Lilun, the mayor of New Taipei City  presented the Special Contribution Award

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