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Developing Children’s Potential:  Starting from the Root

A Sustainable Business Begins with Wise Decisions

        Beagle’s years of experience has earned us recognition and praise from the Academic Industry and the Media. Our team of coaches enables long-term and sustainable success among our franchisees.


        Our hardware equipment meets the highest standards of safety requirements. Each center is safely decorated according to Beagle’s Brand Identity. Our operation system facilitates healthy management and staff training, which makes us stand out in the industry.


        We provide parents with precise and comprehensive enrollment plans, increasing efficiency and visibility. Beagle’s exclusive brand image stands out in the childcare market, guaranteeing your success. Let’s work hand in hand to achieve your goals!

Why Joining Beagle?


The Pioneers & Souls of Beagle Childcare Education Corporation

“The founder is well-thought and helped to identify the blind spots in our entrepreneurship project”  

CEO Tung, Beagle’s Franchisee

“An amazing blueprint for planning! Stands at the forefront of the industry”

CEO Li, Beagle’s Franchisee

“We seize every opportunity exchange with founder and improve the sustainability of our framework”

Headquarters Corporation Team


Dr. Hung, Hsu-Feng

Ph.D. in Business Administration, National Chengchi University

Experience /

Chairman, Beagle Childcare Education Corporation

Founder, Shenzhen Fangdale Education Consulting Ltd.
Founder, Tianjin Beagle Education Ltd.
Founder, Feng Shih Co., Ltd.
President, China International Daycare Center Development Association
President, China Infant Safety Protection Development Association
Consultant Expert, Committee of Maternal and Child Health & Education     of Chinese Association for Life Care
Vocational Skills Training for Infant and Young Child Care of Education and       Training Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security
Chairman, Shanghai Beagle Corporation

Certified Instructor /

Lecturer of Daycare Center Management Professional, Extension Education
Center, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences 
Assistant Professor of Department of Child Care and Education, Yu Da         
University of Science and Technology
Assistant Professor of Department of Marketing and Distribution
Management, Asia Eastern University of Science and Technology
Assistant Professor of Department of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, 
MingDao University
Lecturer of Business Administration Department, National Chengchi University
Lecturer of Business Administration Department, Shih Hsin University

Areas of Specialization /

Management of international childcare institution

Marketing management of children's education

Human resources management for children's education

Strategic management of children's education

Entrepreneurship management of children's education

Comprehensive Franchise Business Support


Resource & Service

總部服務項目_工作區域 1.png

Beagle Childcare Education Corporation Organizational Chart


Business cooperation mode: 
Regional Exclusive Agent & Center-Franchising


Join Conditions

新logo-貝格爾小王子LOGO_工作區域 1.png

Good partnership with the headquarters

新logo-貝格爾小王子LOGO_工作區域 1.png

In harmony with Beagle’s Culture and Philosophy: Creating a child’s second home

新logo-貝格爾小王子LOGO_工作區域 1.png

High degree of enthusiasm for operating the leading brand of the childcare industry

新logo-貝格爾小王子LOGO_工作區域 1.png

Can adapt to a fast pace of evolution

新logo-貝格爾小王子LOGO_工作區域 1.png

Participate in the regular training provided by the headquarters

Joining process



|  Beagle Childcare Consultant Group  |

Spaces Platinum Sentral, Level 3, Block D,Platinum Sentral, Jln Stesen Sentral 2, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470

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(Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00)

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