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What is Sensory Integration Dysfunction?

     The brain's ability to perform integration is "Sensory Integration". The rich sensory information includes: vestibular sense, proprioception, touch, vision, hearing, smell, taste, etc.

     In the process of "Integration", the brain receives colorful and rich sensory experiences to make responses and corrections. Functions of the brain get improved through continuous integration.


     Although children with sensory integration disorders have normal intelligence, they're not fully developed due to insufficient integration ability. Especially at school age, there are some obstacles in learning and personality. This leads to a decline in learning ability, poor language expression, late psychological maturity, fragile emotion, poor self-control, lack of self-confidence, and low tolerance for frustration, which greatly affect live development.


     Sensory integration disorders are divided into: tactile sensitivity, vestibular dysfunction, visual integration disorder, auditory integration disorder, proprioceptive disorder , left and right brain balance disorder.

     Even parents are paying attention to the national issue of "Sensory Integration Dysfunction". The golden period of adjustment before the age of 6 must be grasped as early as possible, because well begun is half done. The childcare center for children aged 0–3 years has a very good environment to effectively carry out a variety of activities, guiding the age-appropriate development of 0-3-year-old babies.

     Beagle Childcare Education Corporation gathered a number of researchers with doctorates and master's degrees in the areas of sociology, psychology, preschool education and institutional management and took many years to develop "Bayes' Development Course". The course was designed for the implementation of age-appropriate thematic activities for 0-3 year-old childcare centers and was based on the theory of "Adaptive Development". It has been officially published and registered by the  the International ISBN Agency.

     The introduction of "Bayes' Development Course" has helped the childcare center in its day-to-day operations to have a rich theme of activities, to guide the appropriate development of babies at all stages, and to avoid or adjust the "sensory integration dysfunction (sensory disorder)" early on. It has significant results in guiding infants' development and early treatment.

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