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International Chain Leading Brand of Daycare Center


Certified to DCMP


The Original
Bayes' Development Course

Grasp the golden development period of children aged 0-3


Sound Franchise System

Professional consultants guide through demonstration and hands-on practice to keep your new business on track


International brand

Standing on the shoulders of giants 
Grow your business further and faster

Certified to Daycare Center Management Professional
Strictly control the quality of childcare centers

     Beagle Childcare Education Corporation is an international leading brand of franchise childcare center originating from Taiwan.The founder, Professor Hung Hsu Feng has a PhD in business management and many years of educational experience. He has introduced the business management strategies into daycare institutions to create Beagle's unique business model. Adhering to the concept of "Nurturing Hope and Achieving Dreams", Beagle features high-level decoration and medical and nursing technology equipment. Set up a sound operating system, develop special teaching programs for infants and children. Our complete and sustainable operation system is highly recognized by the public. Parents seek Beagle as the child's "co-caregiver." Beagle has won the Special Contribution Award and we're the only daycare center that has been positively reported by major media.

     With great achievement and faith in love, Beagle hopes to benefit all children of the world. Under the leadership of Dr. Hung, team members from social psychology, early childhood education, nutrition & baking, marketing communication, material vision and other professional backgrounds, have systematized the successful group system and attracted aspiring people around the world to join. Our technical support to the locals brought new knowledge in parenting and led to the upsurge of parenting seminars across the sea. Beagle's services extend to the three places across the Strait and we often cooperates with major sister schools in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Our leading technology surprises international experts, scholars and industry partners. It has been a life-long ambition of ours to reach the milestones of a hundred schools and a thousand students within five years and becoming the leading brand of the global childcare industry.

International Chain Leading Brand of Daycare Center

背景-星空ai_工作區域 1.jpg

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